How is my donation used?

People who have never gotten into the nitty gritty of a political campaign are always surprised when they find out exactly how much it costs to run for office — even at the local level. In the spirit of transparency, I want to give you an idea of how your money is spent when I ask for your support.

As a first-time candidate in 2015 I spent just over $50,000 to win a seat. There we no open seats in 2015, and I was the only new candidate elected. This year there are two open seats and there will be at least two dozen candidates competing. I estimate that I will need to raise even more to be re-elected in 2017. The money I raise will go toward:


Payroll (full-time campaign manager and part-time help)

Printing campaign literature

Software to create voter canvassing lists (essential for an efficient field operation)

Web & email hosting fees (note: these expenses continue in the “off-year”)

Office space (co-working desk for my campaign manager)

Yard signs


Stationary & office supplies

Credit card processing (please donate by check, if possible)

Postage (to mail brochures and thank you letters)

Events (for fundraising and volunteer recruitment)


Please consider making a donation today. Your donation will help finance an efficient, professional campaign that allows me to spend the majority of my time doing the job the people of Cambridge elected me to do.


* A full list of expenditures and donations can be found on the Massachusetts Office of Campaign and Political Finance website.