This summer I had the opportunity to sit down with Lisan Mo from to talk about my candidacy for City Council and why I think I deserve residents’ #1 vote on November 7th. His website showcases this year’s candidates and provides information on some of the issues most important to Cambridge voters. He asked me a series of questions including what I think makes a good councillor, why I’m running, and what some of the biggest challenges are facing Cambridge right now. I hope you’ll watch my videos here and check out their site.

In addition to watching the videos from my interview, you can read my responses to the questions from on the Candidate Questionnaires page of my website, where I’ve featured my answers to the many questionnaires I’ve received in the past months. While I’m not always able to give the most comprehensive answers at timed candidate forums, these questionnaires have allowed me to go into more detail about my positions on issues facing our city.