We did it…again! I was re-elected for another two years on the City Council.

The unofficial results of the 2017 Cambridge City Council election were released on Wednesday night after a hand-tally of the auxiliary ballots. Turnout was up sharply (+16%) and the number of women elected doubled from two to four. I finished 4th in #1 votes (1698 vs. 1307 in 2015, where I ranked #6 after the first round). With the higher turnout, the quota needed to claim a seat increased to 2251 votes (vs 1786 in 2015), and I was the 4th candidate to reach quota after 19 rounds of transfers. The fact that I improved my standing in a very competitive field of 26 candidates signals strong approval for my work as the only new councillor last term. See the vote counts and transfers round-by-round.

I enthusiastically welcome my three new colleagues: Sumbul Siddiqui, Quinton Zondervan and Alanna Mallon, and congratulate the five other returning councillors (listed in order of their finish): Denise Simmons, Marc McGovern, Tim Toomey, Dennis Carlone, and Craig Kelley.

My heartfelt thanks to everyone who has supported and encouraged me over the past two years of service, and to the many who volunteered to canvass, make calls, and hold and host yard signs during campaign season. I am especially grateful to my friends and family for understanding why the combination of working full-time as a councillor and campaigning has subsumed my personal life this fall. And, finally, a huge shout-out to my unflappable and talented campaign manager Krystal Ortiz, who helped me stay positive and focused on the big picture throughout.

Cheers to us all!

If you have a yard sign: We will pick up all the signs over the next couple of days. Or, if it’s convenient you may drop off yours at my house (255 Lakeview Ave.). If you do choose to drop off your sign, please let us know so we can track which signs still need to be picked up.