About Jan

I am honored to have been chosen by my fellow councillors to serve as Vice Mayor during the 2018-19 term.  The only non-incumbent elected as one of the 9 at-large city councillors in November 2015, I was re-elected to a second term in 2017, finishing 4th in a competitive field of 26 candidates all vying for one of the 9 at-large seats. 

In the 2016-17 term I served on the following committees and look forward to continuing this work in the 2018-19 term:

  • Health & Environment Committee (chair)
  • Economic Development & University Relations (chair)
  • Ordinance Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Housing Committee
  • Human Services & Veterans Committee
  • Neighborhood and Long Term Planning, Public Facilities, Arts & Celebrations Committee
  • Civic Unity Committee
  • Sexual Assault & Assault Prevention Committee
  • Family Policy Council
  • Mt. Auburn Street Corridor Study Stakeholder Committee


JanDevereux&PeterCJohnsonCambridge resident since 1993.

Streets I’ve lived on:
Lakeview Ave. (current, since 1999), Chilton St., Mt. Auburn St., Huron Ave., Garden St.

Other cities I’ve lived and worked in:
Manhattan (1981-88 & 1992-93)
Paris (1988-92)

Childhood hometown:
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Princeton University, BA (English)
Columbia University, MBA (marketing)
Alumna of Emerge Massachusetts & Mass Alliance candidate training

Prior Employment:
Community Charter School of Cambridge, Director of External Relations (2012-15)
Beaver Country Day School, Director of Communications (2005-11)
Hammond Real Estate, Harvard Sq., Sales Agent (1998-2005)
Complete resume on LinkedIn

Community involvement:
Fresh Pond Residents Alliance, co-founder & former president
Many Helping Hands, organizing committee member
Newtowne School, parent co-op preschool, board president (1993-95)

Married to: Peter C. Johnson, substance abuse counselor at Right Turn, non-profit clinic. Former singer-songwriter.

Mother of: Graham, Cecily and Olivia Lloyd.

Companion of: Cat and dog (see my blog Cambridge Canine)

Author of:
Poe the Crow (novel for children)

Alter ego of:
Fresh Pond Owl