About our ranked choice voting system

Unlike most places in the United States, Cambridge uses Proportional Representation, or Ranked Choice Voting, for its municipal elections. This means, on Election Day, Cambridge residents go into a voting booth and rank the candidates they would like to see on the City Council.

Since many people have never voted this way, I’ve made this video to clear up some of the confusion around how to vote in City Council (and School Committee) elections in our city.


In addition to the video, here are a few voting FAQs to keep in mind.

There is more information about Cambridge’s voting system and its history on the Election Commission website.

Interested in seeing Ranked Choice Voting used in state elections, too? Visit Voter Choice Massachusetts and learn more about the many advantages of this system. Let’s follow Maine’s example and adopt ranked choice (also known as “instant runoff”) to make sure we elect the candidates for state office who truly represent the majority of voters. Check out the long list of prominent organizations and elected officials that support Ranked Choice Voting (including me).