Your Voice. Our City.

Unsolicited testimonials from constituents:

“If only all publicly elected officials were as thorough, transparent and conscientious as you, it would be a much better world!”

“Wanted to take a moment to thank you for your weekly newsletters.  I read them closely with interest.  I am grateful for the links that you provide for background information and ‘take action’ opportunities. You make community engagement easy! You’ve done a great job as our voice and representative.  I hope you plan to continue on for many years to come.”

“First helpful email I have received from a public official ever!”

“Thank you for the updates. They are essential to keeping us all informed. I appreciate the diversity of issues and events you bring to the community’s attention.”

Serving on the City Council is my full-time job. With me on the Council, Cambridge residents get 100% of my time and attention. More like 110%, if you know my work ethic and drive. I have attended more Council committee hearings and meetings than any other councillor this term. You can count on me to show up, do my homework, and think critically about all sides of the issue before I vote.

I am working hard every day to promote and broaden civic engagement. With everything else going on in the world, I understand that it’s hard for residents to stay on top of local political issues. A relatively small group of resident-activists are the guardians of our progressive principles and community values. I am working to broaden civic engagement and to develop new channels to inform and engage a broader spectrum of residents in local policy decisions.  I have applied my professional experience in communications and social media and my volunteer work as a community organizer to bring new voices into the conversation.

Many constituents tell me that they feel so much better informed after reading my weekly newsletters, which include information on issues before the City Council, my thoughts on our meeting agendas, updates on municipal projects, and a curated list of events to help residents get involved and stay engaged.

If you would like to subscribe to my newsletter, please contact me.

I also hold bi-weekly office hours, when residents can drop in to discuss issues in their neighborhood and matters before the Council. And I am known to be highly accessible and responsive when constituents write and call, or ask to meet with me.

I do not accept campaign donations from special interests or lobbyists. You can trust me to put the public’s interest first at all times, because I am not influenced by having accepted campaign donations from large real estate developers, special interests or corporate lobbyists. I will always put the concerns of fellow residents and local independent business owners before those of investors in global real estate investment trusts. When large developers come before the Council seeking to up-zone neighborhoods, the public should not wonder if our decision is influenced by campaign donations from the development company’s principals and employees, their attorneys, and their family members.

In the 2015 election I had both the highest total amount ($47K) and the highest percentage of donations from Cambridge residents (84%) of any winning candidate AND I did not accept any donations from special interests. In 2017 I increased my percentage of support from Cambridge residents to 90%.